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Poultry Khamar Bichitra

About US

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Advisor :

KBD Md. Abdur Razzak Miah

Prof.-Priyamohan Das, DVM, PhD

Prof. Shanker Kumar Raha PhD

Prof. S.D Chowdhuri PhD

Chairman, Editorial Board :

Dr. Munzur Aziz DVM


Editorial Board :

Dr. M.A Salek DVM

Dr. Nurul Amin DVM

Kbd. Phanindra Nath Saha

M Ashraf Ali Biswas


Editor In Charge :

Shahidullah Babu


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Lubna Jahan


Asstt. Editor :

Asif Kamal Sheikh

Hasib Kamal Sheikh




Abdur Rob


Who are we ?

Poultry Khamar Bichitra a Monlthly Poultry magazine which has regularly been publishing since 1993 being the first and only poultry magazine of Bangladesh.

What do we do ?

We publish the magazine within the first week of every month and an special issue once a year titled as “Poultry Business Directory.’’


Why do we do it?

To develop the poultry sector as well as to increase the productivity of poultry meat and egg. We do our best to transfer knowledge to concern target group.


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